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MUSC security team repel pirate attack

23 January 2011

A MUSC security team embarked upon a Suezmax vessel transiting the Indian Ocean successfully repelled a pirate attack last week.

In accordance with pre-agreed training a member of the embarked MUSC security team escorted the majority of the crew to the citadel - the remainder of the team stayed on the bridge offering advice to the master and sending reports to UKMTO, MSCHOA and MUSC Maritime Intelligence analysts in London.

The pirates tried to place a ladder forward but effective MUSC hardening procedures prevented purchase, the pirates then fired 3 x RPG rounds at the bridge in order to persuade the master to stop the vessel, luckily damage was minimal.

The team then witnessed a further 5 attempts at boarding along the port side of the vessel - each time unsuccessful due to the hardening measures in place. The pirate skiff aborted its attack after 20 minutes and dropped away from the stern of the vessel.

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RPG fired at MUSC team
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