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Outlined below is a sample of work we have conducted around the globe. For reasons of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity not all of our projects are displayed.

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Best Management Practice - facilitation day

Location Year Project Type
London, Europe 2009 Onshore

MUSC hosted and facilitated a BIMCO event where industry experts got together to formulate Best Management Practice for counter piracy

Shore End Landing

Alcatel Lucent
Location Year Project Type
Phillippines, Asia / Far East 2009 Onshore & Offshore

MUSC conducted a shore end landing for Alcatel Lucent in the Phillippines

Offshore oil field security

TS Marine
Location Year Project Type
Nigeria, West Africa 2008 Offshore

MUSC provided a comprehensive suite of oil field security services to TS Marine

Maritime Consultancy

Melita Gas
Year Project Type
2008 Onshore

MUSC provided security consultancy services to Melita Gas

UK Trade & Industry

British Government
Location Year Project Type
UK 2006 Onshore

MUSC member of staff seconded to UKTI for maritime security advisory services

Security assessments and command and control coordination

Antwerp Ports
Location Year Project Type
Belgium, Europe 2006 Onshore & Offshore

Security assessments of over 150 port facilities in the world’s fourth largest port. MUSC conducted security assessments, and developed an integrated command and control tool for emergency response.

Lead RSO for Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security (PICOMSS)

Nigerian Government
Location Year Project Type
Nigeria 2004 - 2009 Onshore & Offshore

A successful 5 year partnership which helped the Nigerian Government achieve best management practice in maritime and port security, ISPS compliance, and an integrated and cost effective coastal surveillance system.

Various Projects

Control Risks
Location Year Project Type
Global 2004 - 2010 Onshore & Offshore

MUSC has provided specialist maritime training, advice and consultancy to Control Risks in a variety of locations across the globe.

ISPS audit and consultancy

Stiftelsen Skoleskipet Christian Radich
Year Project Type
2004 Offshore

MUSC provided a ISPS audit and consulancy for one vessel

ISPS audit and consultancy

Year Project Type
2004 Offshore

MUSC provided ISPS services and consultancy to a Cotemar vessel

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