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Outlined below is a sample of work we have conducted around the globe. For reasons of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity not all of our projects are displayed.

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Al Faw Grand Port Phase 1 Offshore UXO Mitigation

Archirodon Construction Overseas Company SA
Location Year Project Type
Iraq, Middle East 2013 Offshore

Diver investigation of close to 100 magnetic anomalies that were previously identified by a magnetometer survey in order to mitigate the threat of Unexploded Ordnance for future construction and dredging activities.

Diver Seabed Survey New Presidential Palace

Location Year Project Type
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East 2013 Offshore

Diver seabed survey of locations chosen for the installation of underwater sonar. Seabed samples were taken and underwater photography was utilised.

Survey of the Wreck of the Vessel VLCC Amuriyah

South Oil Company
Location Year Project Type
Iraq, Middle East 2012 Offshore

Complete visual inspection of the wreck of the huge oil tanker Amuriyah that was sunk during the first Gulf War. This involved diver investigation - including non-intrusive hull thickness measurements and hydrocarbon sampling - and a multibeam sonar survey of the wreck resulting in the creation of a high resolution 3D model.

ICOEEP UXO Mitigation

South Oil Company
Location Year Project Type
Iraq, Middle East 2010 - 2011 Offshore

As part of the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP), MUSC undertook the largest marine UXO survey and clearance operation of its type in the world to date. The survey component covered a 150km² oil pipeline corridor route in the territorial waters of Iraq and involved the re-location of previously identified anomalies from MUSC's 2009 survey of the area using towed magnetometers and diver handheld sensors. Hundreds of items of ordnance were found and cleared.

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