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Outlined below is a sample of work we have conducted around the globe. For reasons of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity not all of our projects are displayed.

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Maritime Consultancy

HR Wallingford
Location Year Project Type
UK, Europe 2009 Onshore

MUSC provided classified maritime security input in to one of HR Wallingford's clients

Best Management Practice - facilitation day

Location Year Project Type
London, Europe 2009 Onshore

MUSC hosted and facilitated a BIMCO event where industry experts got together to formulate Best Management Practice for counter piracy

Maritime Consultancy

Year Project Type
2009 Onshore

MUSC provided consultancy services to Tyco for a sensitive project

Consultancy Services

Kings College London
Location Year Project Type
Mauritius, East Africa 2008 Offshore

MUSC was asked by KCL to provide consultancy advice in to a reef observation project

UXO Study and Support

Foster Wheeler Engineering
Location Year Project Type
Iraq, Middle East 2008 Offshore

MUSC proviced Foster Wheeler with a selection of specialist UXO services

Counter Piracy Advice

BHP Billiton
Year Project Type
2008 Offshore

Threat Assessment. Gulf of Aden Commercial Shipping

Maritime Consultancy

Location Year Project Type
Kuwait, Middle East 2008 Onshore & Offshore

MUSC subcontractor to Control Risk: Consultancy (Planning guidance, Port Channel alignment & supporting studies), services associated with Boubyan Island Port of Kuwait..

Maritime Consultancy

Year Project Type
2007 Onshore

MUSC conducted a consultancy package for Talisman

Port access & ID study

Location Year Project Type
Europe, Europe 2007 Onshore

MUSC joined forces with Qinetiq and won a bid to conduct a EU wide port access and ID study

UK Trade & Industry

British Government
Location Year Project Type
UK 2006 Onshore

MUSC member of staff seconded to UKTI for maritime security advisory services

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