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MUSC has been putting security teams on board vessels since the tanker war of the '80's.  Although today's threat has changed the quality of our personnel has not. 

MUSC’s Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO) teams will provide a visible deterrent to pirates, bolster the confidence of crews and provide specialist, highly trained personnel to focus on vessel security. Having specific personnel onboard capable of managing vessel security by keeping 24/7 anti-piracy watches to defend the vessel in an attack, reduces the risk of pirates successfully getting aboard and removes the crew from the firing line.

All MSLOs understand the specifics of ship security, vessel structures, layout, ISPS, navigation lighting and collision avoidance regulations and are well prepared to defend a vessel from attack.

MSLOs can also serve as a point of contact between MUSC ashore and the vessel, receiving relevant information and distributing it accordingly. Using this information and their experience, they can drill the crew and raise their confidence. In the event of an attack the MSLOs provide several essential services. Their advice and guidance, backed up with training and drills ensures that the appropriate actions are taken and that procedures are not overlooked in the heat of the moment. Their presence allows the crew to remove themselves from the more dangerous parts of the vessel while the security team manages the incident and deploys countermeasures to repel the attackers. 

All of our operatives have served in the British military and are former Royal Marines or ex-UK Maritime Special Forces (SBS) personnel.  Our teams have proven and hard won operational experience in the use of a variety of defensive and offensive techniques afloat ranging from hostile operational environments such as Iraq, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gulf of Aden and the drug smuggling routes of the Caribbean as well as conducting Maritime Counter terrorism within UK territorial waters.

Key competencies include:

  • A clean service record
  • Familiarity with the maritime working environment
  • Knowledge of the ISPS Code and Collregs
  • Vessel hardening and Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation
  • Excellent communication skills and client relationship management
  • Navigation skills
  • Operations of weapons from small and large craft
  • Boarding and defensive operations
  • Anti-ambush drills
  • Close quarters craft operations
  • The ability to train and mentor crews
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