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Each vessel has its own vulnerabilities which pirates will aim to exploit in the event of an attack, including areas of low freeboard and areas where grapples, ladders and other tools can be attached to allow access.  Whilst Best Management Practice (BMP) is a good template it is only a start and should form a foundation upon which to build.

Improvements to vessel security have both a passive purpose (deterrence) and an active purpose (defence). An audit will highlight the areas most in need of additional security measures, and MUSC’s extensive experience in working with all kinds of vessels means that accurate and relevant services can be provided to reduce the risk.

In the event of a boarding, measures can be put in place which will physically bar the pirates from gaining access to the vital areas within the vessel such as the bridge, engine room, cable bins and crew quarters. If their access is barred and their attempts to control the ship is hampered, then many pirates will simply abandon their attempt while the crew can remove itself from harm’s way to a secure location.

A MUSC counter piracy audit will examine all of a vessel's vulnerabilities and advise on effective mitigation measures to protect it.

Counter Piracy Audits and Hardening
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