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MUSC has a long history in providing cable laying and survey operations.  We can provide the full range of shallow water cable services, from initial feasibility studies through to the installation and burial of telecom and power cables and associated equipment for the commercial and defence industry.  

Our expertise lies in the analysis, planning, engineering and the execution of major installation projects worldwide. From initial design, desk top study and requirements sourcing, our project management team can manage a project through survey and feasibility study to system installation.

In those parts of the world where there is a high security threat, we can provide risk assessments, security training for our clients’ personnel, physical protection for shore operations and for cable installation vessels.  Where necessary, beach and seabed ordnance survey, and ordnance disposal services are also available.

The range of services cover:

  • Feasibility/desk top studies
  • Assistance in obtaining permits
  • Pre and post lay cable route surveys
  • Cable route clearance
  • Direct shore end landings (including all beach works)
  • Indirect, or pre-laid, shore end cables (including charter, design and fitting out of suitable shallow draft cable lay vessels)
  • Installation of cables between offshore structures (e.g. wind farms)
  • Simultaneous or post lay burial of cables in full range of sub-seabed conditions.
  • Other forms of cable protection (split pipes, etc.)
  • Repair and maintenance of shallow water cables
  • Diving support
  • Installation of marine equipment
  • Security training and physical protection
  • Beach/sub-sea ordnance surveys and clearance
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