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MUSC have the unique position of being the only maritime security company requested to input directly to the development of the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code. Since the introduction of the Code, MUSC has used its in-depth knowledge and experience of the Code to train over 10,000 people worldwide, including numerous government security officials.  We have also audited over 400 ports and terminals and hundreds of vessels across the globe.

Recent increases in the volume of shipping traffic have seen a corresponding rise in threats to port and supply chain security. In response to increased terrorism, criminal activity and piracy, the International Maritime Organisation introduced the ISPS Code to tighten maritime security; requiring signatories to the SOLAS Code, including governments, port authorities, facilities and ships to meet standardised security requirements. MUSC can assist ship owners, operators and managers formulate:

  • Ship Security Assessments (SSA's)
  • Ship Security Plans (SSP's)
  • Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSA's)
  • Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP's)
  • ISPS Training and Certification Packages (see training)

 MUSC is authorised to provide ISPS services in a number of flag states.



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