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Whilst engaged on operations MUSC maintains a 24/7 operations room manned by a team of highly trained maritime intelligence professionals.  This team provides comprehensive and reliable intelligence services to safeguard clients’ assets operating in high-risk areas such as the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Africa and the Malacca Straits.  Unlike other companies we are not solely focused on counter piracy but all maritime security threats which may affect a vessel’s ability to complete its voyage safely. 

MUSC’s maritime intelligence capability is recognised as world leading and used by numerous insurance underwriters to help them mitigate their clients' (and subsequently their own) exposure to risk.

Our experienced band of analysts use a proprietary maritime intelligence database which monitors all global maritime security threats and the team also actively engage with their highly developed international network of contacts to ensure that they have the best threat picture available.  The team have assisted hundreds of vessels and masters complete successful voyages and have had their capabilities tested in a variety of real life challenging incidents and events. 

The maritime intelligence team have also provided security desk top studies for a range of international organisations allowing them to gain vital intelligence prior to committing to major investment decisions. 

MUSC had also been called upon by a selection of worldwide lawyers to provide expert witness and testimony for a selection of disputes.

In summary, our key services are:

  • Full maritime threat and intelligence briefs
  • Route planning advice and guidance
  • Live liaison and support to masters at sea
  • Security desk top studies
  • Expert witness and testimony services
  • Confidential risk assessments
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