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Chris Austen

Executive Chairman

Chris Austen is the Executive Chairman of Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC).  He began his career in the maritime and security business over 30 years ago as an officer in the Royal Navy.   Since then he has worked on a variety of counter-terrorism, anti-piracy and crime prevention initiatives in Europe, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Central America.  

Over the years both Chris and MUSC have become trusted government advisors.  They have provided input to the International Maritime Organisation for the development of the ISPS Code, as well as the World Customs Organisation and the United Nations Economic Council for Europe on supply chain security and trade facilitation issues. Chris also participated in Operation Safe Commerce, a US Department of Homeland Security initiative to improve security of international container supply chains.  He is currently a  consultant to the Nigerian Government leading on the development and implementation of Nigeria’s maritime security strategy as well as a lecturer for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy on matters of maritime security. 

Professional memberships include - The Association of Security Consultants, The Society of Underwater Technology and the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.  On the rare occasions he manages to get some spare time Chris likes to take his work home with him by going sailing on the south coast.

Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants is the World’s longest established specialist companies dealing with maritime and cargo security matters.  In John Burnett’s book “Dangerous Waters”, the company was described as one of the busiest anti-terrorist, anti-piracy companies in the world.  MUSC has provided services to over 600 ports and terminals around the world to assist them in enhancing their security and compliance with the ISPS Code.  The company client lists include the governments of the Great Britain, Spain, Nigeria, Australia and Estonia and many of the world’s maritime industry leaders.  The company is currently working in Iraq, the Gulf of Aden and Nigeria.  Over 10,000 officers from around the world have been trained by MUSC in maritime security. 

Photo of Chris Austen

Chris Austen

Executive Chairman
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