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Barbara Still

Managing Director - MUSC FZE

Barbara was awarded a degree in Economics from Newcastle University in 1973.  She then trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young with whom she served as a senior accountant and auditor.   She has been a Member of the Association of Chartered  Accountants in England and Wales for over 35 years.  

She left Ernst and Young to become as a lecturer in accounting and economics at Heriot Watt University, Scotland and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and in 2001 she joined Sargent Shipping as Managing Director, responsible for operations in the Middle East and Europe. 

She joined MUSC in 2004 as a consultant, providing advisory services to clients in Africa, Europe and the USA.  A key client was the European Commission's Anti-Fraud Office with whom she worked on a range of anti-fraud projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.  She also led MUSC teams engaged on border and port security projects in European Union and Eastern European countries.  

She took on the role of Chief Financial Officer, establishing accounting and financial control systems necessary to manage the rapid growth of the company.   During this time she was responsible for establishment of MUSC's administration and operations centre in the Middle East.  

She became Managing Director for the MUSC Group in 2008 and has been led the the group in securing and executing major security and UXO contracts in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.  

Photo of Barbara Still

Barbara Still

Managing Director - MUSC FZE
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