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Course Aim

This TRANSEC certified training programme provides security officers with the knowledge and skills to carry out their duties as designated Port Security Officers in accordance with EU Regulation 725/2004, EU Directive 65/2005 and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

This course covers:

  • Implementation and maintenance of a Port Security Plan
  • Managing and monitoring port security systems and processes
  • Training and motivating PFSO’s and port personnel in the performance of security related duties

Who Should Attend

Security officers who have been, or are likely to be, appointed as Port Security Officer meeting the requirements of EU Regulation 65/2005 and EU Directive 65/2005.  (Serving and retired military personnel are entitled to a forces discount - please email training@mandusc.com for more information)

Course Content

  • Duties of a PSO, PFSO and SSO
  • Understanding the ISPS Code
  • Understanding EU legislation on port security
  • Security measures which may need to be addressed at each Security Level
  • Port Facility security surveys and assessment
  • Port & facility security planning
  • Monitoring the port and facility
  • Security training and drills
  • Applying the Declaration of Security
  • Overview of port and ship security
  • Profiling of stakeholders with interests in the vessel
  • Dealing with stowaways, piracy and hostage-taking
  • Identifying weapons and improvised explosive devices
  • Security equipment and systems, their operational limitations

Included in the Course

  • All course materials
  • Copy of presentations on CD-Rom
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • ISPS code
  • Lunch and refreshments

Course Duration: 4 days
Course Location(s): London or at a client’s location


Please contact MUSC's Training Department on either +44 (0) 207 240 1314 / +971(0)7 206 9700 or
email training@mandusc.com for all course information.

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Port Security Officer (EU Ports)
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