Since 1974, MUSC has provided services to a wide range of clients including government and regulatory bodies and commercial organisations around the world.

We specialise in providing maritime risk services and advice in some of the world’s most volatile locations. We have an unparalleled history of successful execution of challenging and high-risk projects.

Recognised experts in maritime, border and cargo security, MUSC was invited by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to provide input into the development of the ISPS code in 2001. We are accredited consultants to Lloyd’s of London (Insurance).



14th January 1974


Founded as Underwater Security Consultants Limited (USCL), providing maritime security advisory services to governments, offshore oil and gas and insurance organisations.

Lloyd’s Accreditted

14th January 1975

Lloyd’s Accreditted

USCL accredited Maritime Risk Consultants to Lloyds of London (Underwriters)

Instructed by Underwriters

1st January 1976

Marine Risk Consultants working with brokers

Begin Work in South America

14th January 1976

MUSC undertake their first operations in South American waters

Begin Work in Middle East

14th January 1978

Iran-Iraq and Gulf war, advice and onboard support to ships operating in high risk areas

Weather Down Time Risk Assessments

31st January 1981

Introduced Weather Down Time Risk Assessments for Ocean Surveys and Offshore Oil/Gas Operations

Introduce New UXO Risk Assessments

31st January 1986

Introduced Desk Top Studies for subsea UXO Risk Assessment for international subsea cable lay companies

Onboard UXO Consultants

31st January 1987

First onboard consultants for subsea UXO Risk Assessment in Baltic Sea for cable lay companies

Assist in Formulating DNV Guidlines

14th January 1999

Assist in Formulating DNV Guidlines

Guidelines for anti-piracy formulated with Norwegian classification society DNV

Provide Input to ISPS Code

14th January 2001

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) invites MUSC to input into ISPS code

Present to IMO

31st January 2002

Present to IMO

Results of study into the impact of ISPS Code presented to IMO Member States in London

Flag States Recognise MUSC Training

31st January 2003

Flag States including the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Panama, Malaysia, Singapore, Estonia, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, United Arab Emirates recognise MUSC training

Achieves Recognised Security Organisation Status

31st January 2005

“Recognised Security Organisation” status achieved by Flag States including Ireland, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Panama, Indonesia, Chile, Ecuador, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles

Port IDS Study Awarded

31st January 2007

European Port Access ID Card (EPAIC) feasibility study awarded to PortIDS consortium (of which MUSC is a member) by the European Commission

Provide Investigation Services to European Commission

3rd March 2007

Provide Investigation Services to European Commission

European Commission OLAF (Office Européen de Lutte Antifraud) investigation services provided by MUSC

Provide Training to OAS

31st March 2007

Provide Training to OAS

Maritime security training for member states of the Organization of American States

Provide Training to UK FCO

31st May 2007

Provide Training to UK FCO

United Kingdom Protectorates maritime and container security training for UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

UXO for Iraq’s SOC

31st January 2008

Iraq’s South Oil Company contract MUSC to conduct unexploded ordnance survey of Al Faw Peninsula seabed

Vessel Shield Launched

3rd March 2009

Vessel Shield anti-piracy solution for maritime piracy launched in association with Special Contingency Risks

London Expansion

1st May 2009

MUSC expands offices to No.6 Bell Yard, Fleet Street, London


31st January 2010

Contracting Company based in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Archiroden Awarded Contract

31st January 2012

Archiroden Awarded Contract

Land and subsea Survey of Grand Port area near Faw

RINA Accredited

2nd March 2012

Obtained status of ISO PAS 9001: 9012: 9014

RTI Accredited

31st March 2012

Obtained Status of ISO PAS 28007

KOTC Award Contract

31st January 2013

3 year MARSEC Contract awarded

Consultants to port development project in Somalia

31st January 2014

Full re-design including port security measures from land and sea

Awarded UXO/ERW Survey by Kuwait Ministry of Agriculture

31st January 2016

Nature Reserve Survey on land and underwater/inter-tidal zone in Doha area of Kuwait

KOTC Re-Award Contract

30th January 2017

2nd 3 year MARSEC Contract awarded.

UXO/ERW Surveys

31st January 2017

KOC Bergan Oilfield UXO/ERW survey began