MUSC offers a menu of expert consultancy services, ranging from security advisory, planning and training services for simple sites or vessels to complex mega-port infrastructure to underwater survey and technical work. With over 30 years of service delivery we have an unparalleled experience from all corners of the globe.


MUSC is a broad maritime security consultancy with offices in the UK and the UAE, and considerable experience of delivering complex projects in hard-to-access locations at sea and on land.


Our consulting services include:

  • Development of national maritime security strategies
  • Fishery protection strategic and operational planning services
  • Vessel recovery services
  • Advice on ports, refineries, coastal palaces, territorial waters and exclusive economic zones security
  • Training of Coast Guard, Customs, Immigration and other law enforcement and security agencies
  • Security options for permanently moored accommodation vessels
  • Large scale UXO land clearance to enable full redevelopment
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) /improvised explosive device (IED) countermeasures and training for onshore and marine personnel
  • Mine threat analysis on land and at sea
  • Vessel specification, selection and chartering
  • Threat analysis and mitigation planning for marine assets operating in high threat scenarios.
  • Underwater inspection, maintenance and repair of coastal and offshore structures
  • Submarine pipeline and cable operations to include clearance of unexploded ordnance
  • Emergency response planning and crisis management training
  • Mega yacht security and transfer

Should you have a requirement not specifically covered here please contact us directly.